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My take-away from the Purdie clinic/show

So as anyone within earshot of me on a regular basis knows, I had the pleasure of seeing Bernard Purdie play a show with Mel Brown last week and I also got to go to Bernards clinic at Revival drum shop. It honestly was an amazing experience. At the show, it was really fun to see Mel and Bernard interact. I guess they were buds back in NYC when they were both coming up and hustling for recording gigs. The thing that Bernard said that stuck out most to me was that they were two of about ten drummers in New York that could read music and so they got the gigs. Ten. In New York. Man how times change.

I really really REALLY enjoyed Bernards clinic on Friday as well. It was kind of intimidating being so close to a living legend and hearing him talk about working with James Brown and Aretha Franklin. The main thing he kept saying that I was really inspired by was to treat music like a career and not a hobby and it will take you around the world. Respect it. Learn Your Craft. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to see him. The man is 79 years old.


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