Biographyng 3

I have loved, studied and played music since I was a young child. After high school I toured the U.S. extensively and taught percussion classes in my home town of Albuquerque, NM. at the age of 18. After a few years I auditioned and received the Jazz Bird scholarship for jazz performance at Arizona State University where I studied under Chuck Marohnic (pianist for jazz drummer Buddy Rich) percussionist J.B. Smith, and Latin percussionist Dom Moio (author of Latin Percussion in Perspective). While at ASU I had the privilege of working with Gunther Schuller, the legendary composer and champion of 'third stream' music who worked with such legends as Miles Davis and Charles Mingus. After college I returned to touring, performing my own style of electronic and percussion music and sitting in with many different bands from rock and blues to jazz to country. In 2007 I relocated to Portland, Oregon and quickly became immersed in the local music scene, playing in numerous rock, electronic and jazz projects. These days I stay busy as a music professor at Portland Community College, teaching privately, composing and performing for my current project Small Skies, while also contributing to many other acts in Portland.