Lessons are taught at Revival Drum Shop in Portland, Oregon as well as remotely. I tailor lessons to individual students goals while also introducing new concepts to help foster creativity. Drum lessons usually start with technique from how to hold sticks and read basic music notation to important rudiments and moving around the instrument. I like for everyone to have something fun to practice after their first lesson! As technique develops I like to introduce more advanced ideas such as music theory, coordinated limb independence, stylistic knowledge as well as finger and Moeller strokes.

Lately, I've been constantly upgrading and improving my remote lesson experience as well. I've added multiple camera angles to illustrate concepts visually, installed proper audio to make lessons sound great and installed ethernet for fast reliable internet connection. With all of my students I like to present lessons with a "real world" perspective, meaning everything I teach is designed to help the student achieve real goals they can use while also learning theoretical concepts. I love the challenge of music, drumming and production and love passing my knowledge on to my students.

Email me at benjamintylerdrums@gmail.com to schedule a lesson.

Drum Lessons

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